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The C word: Cleanses

The “C” Word: Cleanses

Ever since the blue vs. gold dress conflict of 2015, it seems like just about anything in our society can quickly devolve from a lighthearted exchange to a divisive conflict (it was obviously gold, btw). Welp, sometimes it feels like cleanses are more hotly debated than politics these days. On one end you have the cleanse loyalists and on the other you have those screaming BS. Here at MoJu we fall happily in the middle and let us tell you why:

Healing vs. Detox

“Girl, you’re amazing just the way you are” Bruno Mars and also us when someone suggests they need a “detox” or need to cleanse after eating/drinking certain foods. Your body is totally equipped with all of the technology (aka your liver) it needs in order to filter out the day to day toxins you encounter out of your bloodstream (sadly cleanses have not been proven to eliminate day to day toxic ppl tho ://// ) 

What a cleanse does provide though is an opportunity for your body to take a damn break!!!! Think of your busy season at work. You’re working all hours of the day and night and the first thing to go from your schedule is self-care. Taking care of yourself, maintaining relationships, making that online shopping return, calling your health insurance etc. Well, your insides function the same way! It takes a lot of energy and blood flow to digest food and move it all through you so if you’re always eating then your stomach and intestines are thus always working and never practicing self-care. Scientists will call it autophagy, we’ll call it cell-f care (get it?). With an absence of food to digest, your body can redirect energy to cleaning up dead cells, repairing damaged ones and creating newer, healthier cells!

Feeling good vs. looking good

“I’m on this new diet. Well, I don’t eat anything and when I feel like I’m about to faint I eat a cube of cheese.” NAME THAT ICONIC 2000’s FLICK. While we do stan Emily Blunt (and especially her cute AF marriage with Jon Krasinski), we disagree that starvation is a good way to lose weight and don’t think a juice cleanse is either! While many people use a juice cleanse as a quick fix way to drop a few pounds before a vacation or #WeddingSZN, at MoJu we believe that juice cleanses aren’t really about looking good, they’re about feeling good. 

You’ll feel good for a few reasons on a juice cleanse. The first being that er, uhm, without so much fiber in your diet, things will be a little looser and more frequent down there if you catch our drift *poop emoji* so you’ll feel a little cleaned out. Another reason being that you will have eliminated a majority of potential allergens and foods that you may not even realize are irritating you (sugar, dairy, grains, coffee etc.). You’ll be dealing with less inflammation, irritation and bloating. Finally, you’ll feel what some call a “fasting high.” My personal energy & perkiness  levels already reside at fairly high levels and let’s just say, the last time I did a juice cleanse, I think my coworkers wanted to kill me… The extra pep in your step and mental clarity comes from the extra adrenaline that’s released while your body is in a fasted state.

While all of these feel good effects sound amazing, we always believe  juice cleansing in moderation. We think cleanses are wonderful when done safely, correctly and in moderation. We even happen to be working on some #Science with a local hospital to test the impacts of cleanses One, three and five day cleanses can be ordered online via our website for in-store pick-up or home delivery to the Boston/greater Boston area. Check our website to see if your zip code is eligible for free delivery!

TLDR; What a cleanse is: A wonderful time to mix up your routine and an opportunity to give your body time to heal from the inside out and reset. What a cleanse isn’t: A way to lose weight quick and “detox” out any “bad” choices you may have made this holiday season.






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