Smoothie Bar

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Kicking off plastic free July with a BANG! In the heart of being more sustainable this month, we want you to try our plant-based (sustainable) Root Burger made with extra goodness that comes from our juiced produce, black beans, forbidden black rice, and more! Packed with nutrients and soooo satisfying. Try yours this holiday weekend! Order on our MOJU Grocer

Summer is in FULL SWING and July is right around the corner!! While the hallmark symbols of summer are beach towels, cookouts and sunscreen, there is a newcomer on the scene: Plastic. Well actually, NOT using plastic. Originating in 2009, Plastic Free July is a global movement that inspires consumers and companies to be more mindful and to limit or

Meditation can sound like an intimidating practice. Sit alone quietly with your thoughts?! Who has time for that?? What you need to know about meditation is that it can be practiced daily AND work for you and your schedule. Meditation has been proven to improve cognitive ability and brain function, reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, promote better sleep, reduce blood pressure,

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