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Cold Pressed Juice

Deets, please!

Cold pressing is the healthiest way to make juice. Period. The method uses hydraulic pressure to extract liquid from plants without damaging enzymes or nutrients with high levels of heat or oxidation. AKA it keeps it fresh! 

At MoJu, our hydraulic press coaxes every colorful, delicious drop of juice from the highest quality fruits + veggies while keeping the good stuff intact. Cold pressed juices have significantly more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and other nutrients compared to juices made using traditional centrifugal juicers that introduce heat in the process. In fact, cold pressed juices offer many of the same health benefits as eating raw fruits and vegetables…and we’ve got to say, they taste pretty freakin’ great doing it AND fit in the palm of your hand! Win, win! 

Because our hydraulic press is large, and the juicing process is slowwww, we make our juices in small batches and bottle them ahead of time instead of making them to order. You would spend your lunch break waiting on your juice if we did it any other way (trust us).

Our juices have a longer shelf life. What gives? Get comfy, this might take a minute. 

All fruits and vegetables carry a certain bacterial load. That’s to be expected – the little buggers are everywhere and are an accoutrement to anything grown in the dirt (kinda like salt on a margarita rim). Some bacteria are here to help but some – known as pathogens – can make us really sick. 

Until now, we have relied on the care taken throughout our juicing process to reduce the likelihood of any potentially harmful bacteria making its way into our bottles. Everything from how we source, sort, store, and wash our produce; to how we regulate the temperature and cleanliness of our production facility; to how we monitor the sanitation of all of the machinery, bottles, and caps that touch our products; helps us reduce the bad guys’ ability to propagate, leading to a safer product and a healthier you.

As our business has grown, we have decided to implement a new safety measure that achieves a 5 log reduction in microbiological load – that’s science talk for making the pathogen risk essentially nonexistent in our juices – liiiiike even more nonexistent than your Wordle streak after the word “knoll” (google it). We’re still taking all of our usual precautions but we are also using high pressure processing (HPP) as an additional safety measure. And it’s really cool (literally). Keep reading. 

In a nutshell, HPP uses enormous pressure (tantamount to bringing the bottles of juice to the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean) to stunt bacterial life. This makes our juices safe to drink for everyone – including pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems – without exposing the juice to heat, as is required by thermal pasteurization. The process is powerful enough to inactivate the microbial load but gentle enough to let the antioxidant properties, vitamins and nutrients in the juice be – a very exciting new technology for naturally healthy juices like ours. Because this process eliminates bacterial risk, it affords our juices additional shelf life. And while our juices are fresh and safe to drink for up to 3 months, you’ll never see a juice on our shelf that’s been here longer than that piece of raw produce would last in your fridge. 

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